We here at Peninsula Care understand that before making the decision to apply for a position it is important to do your homework – to get a feel for the job and the organisation you’re thinking of joining and to decide “is this really for me?” For anyone thinking about a career in the health service, care support work with Peninsula Care is a good way to gain a foothold.

We spoke to one of our student carers Jeannie Archibald and asked her what it’s like working for Peninsula Care, this is Jeannie’s story:

Name: Jeannie Archibald

Age: 19

Position:  Childcare Studies at University in Wales

Jeannie is currently Studying Childcare Studies at University in Wales and has previous voluntary experience of working with Children and Young adults.

Jeannie has been popular with the clients she has been with. She is proving to be a big hit with the Clients and has secured a block booked with one of our popular clients, which means she has a guaranteed number of hours each week with that client.

We wanted to share what we’re doing to ensure our people with carer responsibilities receive the support they need to fulfill their role as a carer, financial support and achieve their career ambitions.

Peninsula Care offers flexibility, training and valuable hands-on experience

“I joined Peninsula Care as it is an Award Winning Company and I can work hours that suit me. I don’t have to give up my whole summer off from University, I can work around my course commitments.” said Jeannie.

Jeannie wanted to gain more experience working with Children and Young Adults to help her get her Degree and Peninsula gives her the option and the range of care settings. Jeannie can work hours that suit her and she still has the option of working as much as she wants.  Jeannie has been great with all the clients she has been with, mostly requesting they want her back to pick up more shifts.

Jeannie’s favourite part of the job is “Seeing the difference that I can make and how much it affects people’s lives”

If you like Jeannie are at University and would like to gain experience for your Degree or if you just want to work and earn some extra money to help pay your University fees. We are currently recruiting for Healthcare Assistants, Registered Nurses and Community Care Workers.

Contact us on 02891828921 to find out more details and to apply. You can also download an application form from our website or simply email us at