Peninsula Care Service have chosen to support two very different charities for 2020/2021. The charities are NI Transplant Association and Another World Belfast.

We would like to tell you a little about both, we hope as always you can get behind these wonderful, hardworking charities. You can do so by attending our fundraising events and by dropping off donations when you can. We will have many opportunities throughout the year for staff social events involving both charities.

Remember to keep an eye our social media for dates and further information.




The Northern Ireland Transplant Association is a small registered charity which was formed in 1991 to provide information, counselling as well as practical support to organ donors and recipients throughout Northern Ireland. Their primary objectives are to increase organ donation through the promoting of the organ donor register, supporting those affected by organ transplantation and raising funds to help provide practical support to affected families.


NI Transplant Association promote the benefits of organ transplantation services. This will be those awaiting transplant, those recovering from transplant, donor families as well as transplant families.


The charity works hard to raise funds through a variety of events, and we are happy to say this year we have lots of exciting and fulfilled events that you can be part of.



It’s amazing once you start the discussion of organ transplant and donor with people you find out that sadly it’s more common than you’d think. Here at Peninsula two of our own staff have been touched by requiring different transplants. Below is a brief account of their journeys with transplantation.



Community Care Worker

Peninsula Care Services

The Northern Ireland Transplant Association has been a lifeline for us as family. When your child is placed on the transplant list, it’s overwhelming and so many questions run through your mind. I met with Erica and Lorraine for a chat, they helped me understand what it was like to be waiting on a transplant and what lay ahead for us, no question was ever wrong to ask and helped me prepare with stories of their own journeys. When things got tough, they were always on the end of the phone just to listen. Dylan finally had his transplant in October 2019, they provided me with financial assistance to help with costs of hospital stay and being away from home which is a big worry at times. On the bad days they were at the end of the phone just to talk things through and make sure we never felt alone and understood what we were going through was all ok. The work this charity does is invaluable, the education and awareness of organ donation was something I had never thought of until it happened to us.




Son of Homecare Assistant Manager

Peninsula Care Services

At 17 years old Josh was diagnosed with Keratoconus, a degenerative disease causing the cornea to thin and drastically distort the vision. In Josh’s case the Keratoconus progressed very rapidly in his left eye and glasses didn’t work any longer, needing to change his prescription every 6 months. He moved on to contact lenses, however they proved difficult to wear and hard to tolerate-even the most expensive at £100 a pair. They caused abrasions and scratches to his cornea. At one-point Josh was finding it difficult to see his hand in front of him and to read a book he needed to hold it at the bridge of his nose.

He had surgery in 2015 on his ‘good’ right eye to prevent the Keratoconus from progressing. Josh later had a transplant in his left eye after having a bad abrasion and being marked as urgent. He waited 9 months for this surgery and reported the healing process to be very long and only got his first set of glasses 10 months after the surgery. Josh reports that he feels extremely lucky on his journey. He is aware that he may need another transplant in years to come, however no longer feels held back by the disease. Josh is thankful for so many things, some of them small like being able to read the football score on the Tv screen to bigger things like the confidence and stability that he now has in his life thanks to the transplant.

He has said “Every single day I am so thankful for the life that I now have through a hero’s simple act of kindness and selflessness”.

Josh has been spreading the word on organ donation by sharing his story and carrying out informative talks. Josh goes on to say “Organ donation is an amazing thing and we all could save or improve up to 9 lives. It takes 2 minutes to sign up and the results of your kindness are truly life changing”.







To launch our partnership with N.I Transplant Association we held a Coffee morning on February 21st, at which we raised £400! A great morning enjoyed by all. Tea, cupcakes and lots of prizes were won.