Giraffe Award - March

The Giraffe Award at Peninsula Care has been running now for a number of years and is a great achievement and title to achieve. It was designed to be awarded to someone who is seen to be going “head & shoulders” above the rest in their daily working practice.


The Organisation uses a variety of sources to assist in the selection of a “Giraffe” each quarter. Information and feedback come from service users, their families, customers, peers, supervisory and our office staff.


In this quarter we have awarded the following the title of a Peninsula Care”Giraffe”.


Jacinta (RN) – A dedicated nurse who provides specialist care to her patients. We have had numerous compliments about her management of specialist care and the skills and communication skills she demonstrates at work.


Brenda (HCA)- One of our very experienced carers whom shows great loyalty to the organisation and a great work ethic for our customers she works with. Brenda’s current block booking have provided some very complimentary comments about her work and the care she gives to the residents in their home.


Lauren (CCW)- A Community Care Worker who has had a great attendance record to date and is always keen to help a colleague when she can. She is great at working with her service users and they are always keen to tell our office staff how great she is and that they are always happy to see her come through their door.