As we continue to showcase our Sponsors we want to introduce Payescape to our customers and clients.

Unity, their flagship product, gives you unparalleled data. They have experienced and dedicated staff which provide exceptional service to make processing our payroll hassle free.

Unity’s web-based technology gives small and mid-sized businesses a better edge. Its technology is years ahead of their competitors. It allows you to easily access your data via the web interface, import from time and attendance systems and export your data to 3rd party providers such as accounts systems. You’ll be able to do more and get more done for your organisation, all the while staying complaint and cost effective.

Payescape want you to stop struggling with unrelated databases and disjointed company data. Increase your productivity with a single, unified source for all your payroll information. Some of the key points:

  • Instant Web-based Access to Payroll Data
  • Online Access to Reports
  • Fully HMRC Complaint
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Employee Self Service
  • Time & Attendance Integration

Payescape have been so helpful with us here at Peninsula Care, it is like having our own Payroll department but takes the hassle out of processing pays for 180 people each week.

For more information contact them on 028 2764 1060.