At Peninsula Care we look to give recognition to our team members who not only share our values but we can see it oozing out of them. We see that a lot of our team members go “head and shoulders” above others to show their dedication and commitment to their role.

We at Peninsula Care see our service as sticking out from the rest of our competitors just as any Peninsula does. We decided the best way to give recognition was to introduce the Giraffe Award on a quarterly basis keeping within the theme of being “head and shoulders” above the rest.

Each quarter we award a Giraffe for each of the grades we employ, Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Community Care Worker. Every Giraffe received an Award Certificate, an engraved fob watch and a gift card which can be used in over 200 retailers. Our Giraffes this quarter are: Seamus Ritchie, Deborah Wilson and Rebecca Hatty.

Our Nursing Giraffe is Seamus Ritchie, Seamus has been able to adapt well to different settings during his time with Peninsula and regularly picks up shifts at short notice.

Our Health Care Assistant Giraffe winner is Deborah Wilson, Deborah has been with us for nearly a year and works a lot of hours from week to week and has a flexible work ethic.

Our Community Care Worker Giraffe is Rebecca Hatty, Rebecca has adapted well to her new role and is very flexible and helpful to her other colleagues and we regularly hear great feed back from our service users about how helpful Rebecca can be.