Maria joined our team back in the early part of 2015 as a Community Care Worker. Maria began working full time and sadly the suffered a stroke which meant that she was signed off as sick for a large part of the year.
Despite her ill health Maria saw being sick as an inconvenience to her, always used to being busy she struggled with spending most of her time at home and she missed caring for her service users.

Each few weeks she would visit office staff with her doctors sick line and ask about each of her service users and enjoyed catching up with office and management staff.

A few months ago a smiling Maria came in to the office to tell Director Jonny Cook that her GP had informed her she could return to work so she immediately wanted to tell us.
Maria has now returned to work and it is like she has never been away. Service users are very fond of her and enjoy seeing her each morning she is on duty.

Maria is extremely committed to providing great to her service users whilst being a loyal and reliable employee and a definite Unsung Hero for the organisation. Maria can be seen pictured receiving her award from Deputy Mayor of Ards & North Down, Alderman Bill Keery.