Being in regular contact with our clients, we have become well aware of the rigours facing home managers on a daily basis. With so much responsibility and pressure involved in the every day running of your care home, why not let us ease the burden of your staffing problems, and help build your ‘A’ Team.

  • Get your shift requests in early – As soon as you know what cover is needed, let us know. This way we have the best possible chance of getting cover for you, and in particular the staff who are familiar with your care home.
  • Self book – If we provide you with staff and they get on well with you, we don’t mind if you ask for their number and contact them directly with shifts, or let them pick up whatever shifts are required whilst they are in the home. Alternatively if staff do not fit in to your team dynamic, don’t be afraid to tell us. We want both our employees and clients alike to be happy in their work.
  • Block Book – If you may be interested in taking on one of our employees on a permanent basis, we can accommodate this for you by means of a one-off ‘finders fee,¬†or an extended block booking period, after which no fee is required.

At Peninsula we carefully recruit and induct our employees, and unlike other agencies, we like to build relationships with our staff so that we can best match our employees to your unit. We like to follow up with clients to see how our staff have fitted in to their team dynamic. We believe that our core values at Peninsula are very much the same as out clients. We are driven by providing a high quality of care, not by sky-high profits.