Moving & Handling Training

Good manual handling practice prevents patient injury & helps keep our workforce healthier.

As managers we know how important these things are to effectively running a care home. This course provides learners with a practical understanding of risk assessment, ergonomics & safe ways of working. Our instructors will liaise with you prior to the course to ensure that when discussing equipment the information given is specific to the equipment you have in your environment. With a focus promoting independence & mobility assistance where possible, this course also tackles the practical issues we face in the provision of care today.

Who should complete this training session
This session is targeted to those who are working in any care setting we recommend that Nurses, Senior Care Assistants, Care Assistants and Ancillary staff should complete this session to maintain the comfort and safety of those in our care and also how to move and handle inanimate objects in our workplace.

How it is Delivered
Trainers use a power point presentation accompanied with video clips. Learners will have the opportunity to practice techniques in a controlled environment & shall be afforded the time to discuss difficult scenarios specific to their work environment. We recommend that candidates wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear.

How this session is assessed
Trainers will use questioning both oral and written to test competence as well as observation during practical element of the session. Certificates of attendance are issued for each candidate.

3 hours approximately which includes a short comfort break

How you can book?
By calling our team on 02891 828 921 with our request