Food Hygiene Awareness Training

The introduction looks at what is Food Safety, causes, symptoms and characteristics of Food Poisoning and those at risk groups.

We explore our legal responsibilities in relation to record keeping during our introduction. We look at Microbiological Hazards, Contamination hazards and pests, their routes and vehicles of contamination, Cross-contamination and its control. We also look at HACCP and Temperature Control. We discuss Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points/a risk analysis food safety management system. To conclude the session we look at cleaning, waste management and personal hygiene, the requirements expected and how to achieve them.

Who should complete this training session
This session is targeted to those who are working in any care setting, we recommend that Nurses, Senior Care Assistants, Care Assistants and Ancillary staff should complete this session to ensure that the spread of infection is reduced and to enable staff members are able to care and support those with an infection and those at risk of acquiring infection.

How it is Delivered
Trainers use a power point presentation accompanied with video clips. There are group discussions and activities which are feedback to the trainer.

How this session is assessed
Trainers will use questioning both oral and written to test competence and understanding in the areas covered throughout the programme. Certificates of attendance are issued for each candidate.

2 hours approximately which includes a short comfort break.

How you can book?
By calling our team on 02891 828 921 with our request.