As we see the beginning of September it is time to introduce the latest Giraffes in the herd. A Giraffe Award is awarded to one Nurse, Community Care Worker and Health Care Assistant each quarter for someone who is seen to have went head and shoulders above the rest of the team.

Each winner received the gift of a Award Certificate, Retail Shopping Voucher and the priceless Peninsula Care fob watch as their reward. If this wasn’t recognition enough each candidate then proceeds to the Heart of Peninsula Care Awards in November were a member of each staff grade is given the title of Giraffe of the Year.
We are excited to announce the following as our winners:


Heather Gaw, Community Care Worker who is new to her role has taken to it like a duck to water. Heather has gone out of her way to help both the office team and service users and is highly thought of by those whom she provides care to. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Heather and recently we have seen her cancel days off in order to help office staff with emergency cover.


Kristyene Boreland, Nurse who is very much a valued member of our nursing team. Kristyene has been a gem at picking up those shifts we sometimes find difficult to cover at last minute and is very thorough in her work. Kristyene takes a keen interest in Peninsula Care and enjoys being involved during days out and Supervision sessions.


Agnes Shaw, Health Care Assistant. Agnes has remained a loyal member of the team for a number of years now and enjoys covering a wide range of shifts in different sites. She is always keen to help when she can and has always had a pleasant way with her seen both in her work and her attitude towards our office team.
Congratulations to you all and best of luck at the Heart of Peninsula Care Award this November.